Rabbit training and socialization

Bunny in shredded newspaper

Bunny Basics

While rabbits may be small and quiet house pets, they’re just as much of a commitment as other household pets and require attention, care, and socialization. Learn what to expect when adopting a floppy-eared friend, brush up on rabbit care requirements, and consider a Bunny Basics course to build your bunny skills and knowledge.

Hoppy Hour

Hoppy Hour is a social hour for rabbits and their owners. Check out Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society to learn more about Hoppy Hour, and get lots of great information about rabbits.

Rabbit agility

Rabbits love to jump and explore. Agility programs provide exercise and mental stimulation for both caged and house rabbits. Rabbit agility classes are also an ideal way to interact and have fun with your rabbit, providing a perfect bonding experience.