Animal Humane Society's positions on pending animal welfare legislation and other topics

Positions on proposed state policy

Policy AHS supports

Dog and Cat Data Transparency bill: Makes public important information on licensed, commercial dog and cat breeders. Provides online access to licensed dog and cat breeder and licensed nonprofit shelter inspection records. 

Learn more about this policy priority for Animal Humane Society. 

Companion Animal Board bill: Establishes a board of experts to identify and address the current and future needs of Minnesota’s pets — and the people and communities that care for them. Animal Folks is leading advocacy efforts on this bill.

Licensed Veterinary Technician bill: Elevates and protects the veterinary technician job title by establishing a process for veterinary technician licensure.

Recognizing the current veterinary technician shortage, the bill provides a transition period during which alternative minimum qualifications, such as on the job experience, can be applied toward licensure. The Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association is leading advocacy efforts on this bill.

Policy AHS is tracking

Office of Animal Protection bills: Establishes an Office of Animal Protection within the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Two different bills establishing an Office of Animal Protection were introduced in the Minnesota state legislature. While Animal Humane Society supports effective enforcement of anti-cruelty laws, AHS is not taking a position on either bill at this time.

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