Cat behavior training

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As a cat parent, you want to provide your cat with the most enriched, healthy life possible -- but sometimes our cat's behavior can be a mystery to us. Animal Humane Society now offers a variety of webinars and training options to bring out the best in your best feline friend. 

Sign up for one of our webinars below or consider virtual training for a more personalized plan for your cat. 

All About Cats 

This hour-long webinar will take you through the different aspects of your cat’s life including development, stress, and socialization.

Whether you are introducing a new cat/kitten or you want to find out more about your cat, this webinar will help you to create a happy and enjoyable home for your feline friend!

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All About the Litter Box 

Do you have questions regarding your cat and the litter box? Does your cat have accidents and you need tips on how to get them to use the litter box?

This free webinar will be focused on the litter box and cover topics including different types of litter, locations to put them, and common litter box problems.

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All About Cat Enrichment

Cat enrichment is something you may not have previously thought about, but they can enjoy puzzle toys and training too!

This webinar will go over different areas of enrichment including scratching, interactive feeding, and training.

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Private virtual training sessions

Does your cat need more individualized attention? We offer one-on-one virtual training sessions to help you better understand your cat's behavior and give your cat the personal training they need to be successful--all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

  • One-on-one virtual training sessions with an expert trainer
  • Convenient virtual sessions means training can happen from the comfort of your home
  • Perfect for tackling challenges like litter box issues, scratching, or aggressive behaviors
  • Teach your cat new tricks! Our training sessions are also great enrichment for your feline friend

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Behavior Helpline

Have questions about your cat's behavior? We’re here to answer all your behavior questions and provide resources to assist you with problems you may be experiencing. 

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For caring, compassionate advice and resources to address all your animal concerns.

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