The human-animal bond: How pets improve our lives

A woman kisses her dog

For animal lovers, it's no mystery why we care so deeply for our furry friends - there's an undeniable and extraordinary bond formed between us and our pets. 

This Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week, let's celebrate some meaningful ways bonding with our pets improves our lives. 

Pets can provide comfort and companionship 

Many people find a true friend in their pet, experiencing a connection that transcends language and gifts unconditional love. In times of joy and grief, we can turn to our pets for a loyal and compassionate companion and some pets can even become therapy animals, providing affection and support to their caretakers and members of their communities. 

Other animal lovers in our lives, including children, can often experience the bond we share with pets. Kids who learn to be caring towards animals learn important skills like empathy, self-confidence, and leadership. 

Help cultivate a child's relationship with animals with these helpful tips or with an Animal Humane Society education program like Rescue Readers.

Need resources to help meet your pet’s daily needs? 

Learn about our Community Outreach program that connects pet parents with the essential resources they need to keep pets happy and healthy.

Pets can help to improve our mood and health

Pets have personalities! Their unique quirks and silly nature can be a reminder that they feel comfortable to be themselves with you. Knowing that you're providing an animal with a safe and loving home can add a sense of purpose and many joyful moments to our lives

Pets also help us embrace the pleasure of playtime! Enjoying a game of fetch or a leisurely walk gets us moving and benefits our minds and bodies.

Exploring new active routines with pets can build an even deeper bond, and we have you covered! Consider specialty classes at AHS - like Dog Sports Sampler for your canine companion or All About Cat Enrichment for your feline friend.

Pets depend on us to provide for their daily needs. From meals to cuddles and playtime, having an animal trust you for their daily needs can benefit our mood and improve mental health. 

Some animal-human bonds can even be life-saving. From pets helping their companions celebrate life to encouraging their human through hard times, it's no wonder why so many animal lovers speak of an incredible and often life-changing bond they share with a pet.

Animal adoption at AHS 

As much as animals benefit our lives, we can positively affect theirs. If you're considering growing your pet family or becoming a first-time pet parent, provide an animal the chance to experience how powerful a bond between an animal and a human can be by adopting from AHS.

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