How much exercise does your cat need?

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Famously known for their expertise in napping, our feline friends have mastered the art of rest. While catnaps might be your cat's favorite hobby, providing daily opportunities for exercise is essential to a cat's health and happiness. 

Do cats need exercise?

Cats who exercise daily are generally less anxious, experience less pain associated with joint disease, and have less significant weight gain throughout their lives. Not only does daily exercise help a cat maintain a healthy weight, but exercise also engages a cat's mind, enhancing their quality of life. 

Not sure if your cat is overweight? Learn how to tell and why it matters in this helpful article. If you are on a weight loss journey with your cat, check in with your veterinarian to determine what exercise suits your cat's specific needs.  

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Ways to help your cat exercise 

Cats are curious! Their curiosity is an advantage when it comes to exercise. From laser toys that are great for getting the mind and body active to wand toys or foam balls, playing with your cat is the best way to encourage them to run and jump. 

We've gathered a list of engaging enrichment ideas to support your cat's well-being and keep their mind and body active. 

Pro tip: By placing your cat's food at the top of a stairwell, you'll encourage exercise up and down the stairs for food. If you don't have stairs in your home, consider a cat tree to engage them in climbing up and down as a source of exercise.  


Cat Behavior Training at AHS

You love your cat and want to see them thrive -- from active playtime to relaxing in a sunbeam. Whether you want to learn more about your cat's behavior or gain more knowledge in providing an enriching life for your cat, we're here to support you along the way! 

Animal Humane Society now offers a variety of webinars and training options to bring out the best in your best furry friend. Learn more about Cat Behavior Training at AHS.

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